Cracker Barrel Nutrition and Gluten-Free Options: A Guide to Healthy Choices

Cracker Barrel Nutrition & Gluten-Free: When visiting Cracker Barrel, patrons can expect a menu that offers homestyle meals with a variety of nutritional options, including a selection of gluten-free items.

It offers a range from traditional comfort foods to lighter choices for guests with specific dietary needs.

Cracker Barrel Nutrition Overview

cracker barrel nutrition and gluten free options
Cracker Barrel Nutrition and Gluten-Free Options

Breakfast Specialties

Cracker Barrel’s breakfast menu features classics such as eggs, bacon, and sausage, alongside healthier alternatives like turkey sausage patties and egg whites.

For guests avoiding gluten, the restaurant provides gluten-free options such as fresh fruit or the country vegetable plate, which includes whole baby carrots and tomatoes.

Cracker Barrel Nutrition information for these dishes emphasizes protein content and the potential to customize meals to reduce calories and salt intake.

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Lunch and Dinner Favorites

The lunch and dinner menus at Cracker Barrel are a showcase of southern cuisine, offering grilled entrees such as steak and a homestyle house salad.

For those seeking gluten-free choices, the grilled chicken salad with balsamic herb vinaigrette is a popular dish, and nutritional facts are available to guide selections.

Sides like pinto beans, mashed potatoes, and the low-calorie cole slaw round out these meals while also catering to food allergies and avoiding cross-contamination in the kitchen.

Healthy Sides and Alternatives

To satisfy various dietary requirements, Cracker Barrel offers a selection of sides and alternatives.

The fresh apple slices or the fiber-rich kitchen corn make for satisfying gluten-free side options.

The restaurant also provides detailed allergen information and gluten-free menus to assist those dealing with celiac disease or other sensitivities.

Guests can enjoy hickory-smoked country ham without a bun or substitute sides to create a meal that fits within their dietary framework.

What are Gluten-Free Options?

For individuals with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, dining out can be a challenge.

Cracker Barrel offers a selection of menu items that cater to the gluten-free diet, though guests should be vigilant about cross-contamination.

Gluten-Free Menu Items

Cracker Barrel’s gluten-free options are diverse, ranging from entrees to sides. Key items include:

  • Grilled Chicken Tenders: A protein-rich choice without the gluten found in traditional breading.
  • Catfish: Available grilled, which avoids the gluten present in batter.
  • Country Green Beans and Turnip Greens: Naturally gluten-free Vegetable sides.
  • Fried Apples: A sweet side that is a gluten-free alternative to desserts containing flour.


  • Thick-Sliced Bacon
  • Smoked Sausage Patties
  • Country Ham

However, guests interested in these items should verify allergen information at the time of ordering, as menus can change. Foods like croutons and crackers typically served with salads or soups are not gluten-free and should be avoided.

Avoiding Cross Contamination

Cross-contact is a significant concern for those with celiac disease or a high gluten sensitivity.

Cracker Barrel can provide guidance on which menu items have a reduced risk of gluten exposure.

Customers are encouraged to discuss their dietary needs with the restaurant manager to ensure the kitchen is aware and can take precautions to reduce the risk of cross-contact.

It is crucial to note that while an item may be made without gluten-containing ingredients, the possibility of cross-contact exists due to shared preparation areas.

For instance, desserts and items like fruit and yogurt parfait may be at risk for cross-contamination.

For highly sensitive individuals, avoiding dishes that are typically at higher risk for cross-contact, such as fried foods or those prepared on shared grills and surfaces, is advisable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What options are available in the Cracker Barrel gluten-free breakfast menu?

Cracker Barrel provides a selection of gluten-free breakfast options, such as eggs, meats like bacon and sausage, and yogurt parfaits. However, diners should be aware that cross-contamination can occur, as the kitchen also prepares gluten-containing items.

Does the Cracker Barrel offer gluten-free pancakes?

At this time, Cracker Barrel does not offer gluten-free pancakes. Guests looking for gluten-free alternatives should consider other items on the menu that are free from gluten.

Can I find gluten-free and dairy-free menu items at Cracker Barrel?

Yes, Cracker Barrel does have menu items that are both gluten-free and dairy-free. Such items typically include fresh fruits, some meat-based dishes, and certain vegetables. Guests should always ask the staff for assistance in identifying these options.

Are the hashbrown casserole and cornbread at Cracker Barrel gluten-free?

No, the hashbrown casserole and cornbread[1] at Cracker Barrel are not gluten-free. These items contain gluten and are not suitable for a gluten-free diet.

What are the recent prices for gluten-free items on the Cracker Barrel menu?

Prices for gluten-free items vary by location and can be subject to change.

For the most current pricing, guests are encouraged to check Cracker Barrel’s official menu or inquire directly with their local restaurant.

Where can I find the Cracker Barrel allergen menu or a pdf version of it?

Guests can find Cracker Barrel’s Nutritional Information Guide[2] online as a PDF, which includes allergen information. It’s recommended to review this guide before visiting or to ask staff for the latest allergen information during the visit.

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