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Are you looking to find a Cracker Barrel Locations Near you? Cracker Barrel is an established restaurant chain focusing on traditional Southern comfort food and a unique old country store.

I have found the total no. of Cracker Barrel Restaurants across the United States. There are 662 stores in 45 states, illustrating their widespread presence across the United States.

Overview of Cracker Barrel Locations

cracker barrel locations
Cracker Barrel Locations
  • Founded: 1969
  • Total Locations: 662
  • States Covered: 45

Their stores are strategically placed to be accessible, often found near Interstate Highway exits.

This positioning caters to travelers as well as local patrons looking for homestyle cooking and a welcoming atmosphere. You might need to look at the Cracker Barrel Front Porch Schedule.

The restaurant’s expansion saw a growth spurt during the 1990s and the 2000s, significantly increasing its footprint across the country.

Presently, customers can locate their nearest Cracker Barrel using the company’s Store Finder, which offers a convenient online browsing option by state.

Here is a snapshot of their geographical spread:

RegionNumber of Stores
Across the US662

Each Cracker Barrel location strives to provide a similar experience with a consistent menu, a charming country-store aesthetic, and a commitment to friendly customer service.

Despite their extensive reach, each store aims to evoke a local, small-town feeling with its distinct decor and retail offerings. You can find the Cracker Barrel Hours on the store page.

Cracker Barrel Store Features

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store offers a unique restaurant and retail experience blend.

Here are some key features of their stores:

Dining Area:

Customers are greeted with a homestyle dining environment, reminiscent of an old-fashioned general store. The menu features traditional Southern cuisine, including favorites like biscuits, gravy, and fried chicken.

Retail Section:

Adjacent to the dining area, the retail space showcases a variety of items ranging from nostalgic candies and toys to apparel and home décor.

Visitors can browse and shop for unique gifts and souvenirs.


Each Cracker Barrel store is festooned with antique tools, advertisements, and photographs, contributing to a cozy, Americana-themed atmosphere.

Family Meal Baskets:

The Family Meal Basket To-Go option allows customers to enjoy Cracker Barrel meals at home.

These baskets come with a selection of entrées and sides to feed small or large groups.

Cracker Barrel Rewards: A reward program where diners can earn points on their purchases in the restaurant and the retail store. These points can be redeemed for discounts and special offers.

  • Outdoor Porch: Many locations feature a front porch lined with wooden rocking chairs, inviting guests to relax before or after their meal.
  • Fireplace: A real wood-fired fireplace provides a warm and inviting focal point within the dining space, especially during colder months.

The combination of a family-friendly restaurant with a diverse retail selection ensures that a visit to Cracker Barrel locations offers more than just a meal—it’s a shopping and dining experience wrapped in Southern charm.

Accessibility and Services at Cracker Barrel Stores

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, known simply as Cracker Barrel, provides a range of services aimed to enhance the guest experience. It maintains a welcoming atmosphere that caters to customers seeking homestyle meals and unique shopping.

  • With over 662 locations in 45 states, accessibility is a cornerstone of Cracker Barrel’s mission.
  • Each store is designed with convenience in mind, often situated near highways and accessible to travelers as well as local patrons.

Regarding dining services, guests have several options:

  • In-store dining offers a cozy experience with a friendly staff serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • For guests preferring to dine at home, curbside pick-up and delivery services are available.

Stores are equipped with ample parking, including designated spots for curbside service, ensuring an efficient and smooth process for picking up orders. Additionally, stores also cater to large group dining and offer catering services suitable for various events.

To facilitate guest visits, Cracker Barrel’s website provides a convenient tool to find a location by state.

Store Features:

  • Accessibility: Ample parking with accessible spots.
  • Dining: Homestyle cooking served in-store.
  • Curbside & Pickup: Easy meal pick-up options.
  • Delivery Service: Meals delivered to your door.

Cracker Barrel remains committed to providing services that ensure guests enjoy a comfortable and accessible dining and shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, readers will find relevant information on locating Cracker Barrel stores and details about their operations.

How can I find Cracker Barrel locations near me?

One can easily find the nearest Cracker Barrel location by using their Store Locator. This tool provides the proximity and directions to the closest Cracker Barrel restaurant from any given location.

What are the operating hours for Cracker Barrel stores?

The hours of operation for Cracker Barrel vary by location. It is advisable to check the specific hours for the local Cracker Barrel store you intend to visit.

Which states have Cracker Barrel restaurants?

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store locations are available in 45 states across the United States. Each restaurant offers a unique blend of homestyle food and a friendly atmosphere.

Can I view a map of all Cracker Barrel locations by state?

Although a direct map of all the stores by state is not provided here, the Cracker Barrel Store Directory is a convenient resource to get information on store locations in various states.

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